What is this?

Do you have trouble remembering names, but are great at remembering faces? Me too. That is why I created this web app. Everything is click based, so if you are interested in seeing all the characters from the Star Wars films, click the characters category. After that, simply click on any picture to learn more about that character's physical characteristics, related films, planets, vehicles, etc.

Why is there unknown info?

This app utilizes the Star Wars API, so the information displayed in this app will be updated as the API is updated. I will be making other updates here and there, so check back often. In the future, I look to include a short bio for each character.

Notice a bug or have improvment ideas?

Please, please, please. If you notice something is funky with the website, let me know by opening an issue here. When reporting an issue, please tell me how to replicate the bug and describe what I am looking for. Alternatively, you can email me at timsarvey@gmail.com. The same goes for site improvements and/or ideas. Thanks!